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About Us

soluGIST LLC having been a founding father of the WiseServicer Partner program we are the leaders in the implementation and post implementation of CargoWise One. soluGIST's mission is to deliver results for its Global clients through the design, development and implementation of WiseTech Global solutions' CargoWise One. soluGIST's relentless focus on delivering results for its clients has made it the most successful GOLD CERTIFIED WiseService Partner.

soluGIST LLC has successfully completed major CargoWise One systems integration projects. soluGIST LLC has developed a Proprietary ERP Implementation Methodology for CargoWise One software that is second to none. Its client base has experienced tremendous growth post implementation using soluGIST's Proprietary ERP Implementation Methodology for CargoWise One software.

Anticipating and over-delivering on client needs

At soluGIST LLC, we are focused on meeting client's distinct and unique business requirements. soluGIST LLC project engagements are characterized by responsiveness and flexibility in reacting to client needs and requests.

Delivering solutions, not technology

soluGIST LLC  does not push the technology-du-jour but rather focus on solving real business problems using well-tested mythologies and an incremental approach that fully leverages CargoWise One.

Understanding the imperatives of the bottom line

Every soluGIST LLC led project is designed to meet corporate ROI requirements by delivering on two fronts: delivering real business value through the application of CargoWise One, and minimizing costs by delivering state of the art know-how.  soluGIST LLC’s extensive client references attest to its ability to deliver the expected results – on time, and on budget.