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soluGIST LLC are experts in providing solutions for CargoWise One software, which includes Implementation and Post Implementation.  We achieve this by providing consultation services working side-by-side with business leaders and their your staff. Our goal is to transition your company to CargoWise One transparent to your staff and clients. 


We also provide services which will make incremental ROI improvements over the life of your business.  We will recommend and deliver System Reviews>Custom Documents & Reports>Manual Input Reductions>Usage Optimization along with Process Improvements.  Our success in this area speaks for itself. 


We are GOLD CERITIFED by WiseTech Global in providing consultation services for the following CargoWise One Modules.


                edi WorkFlow Manager             edi Accountant                                

                edi Forwarder                            edi Bookings

                edi Customs                              edi Tariff                              

                edi Sales&Marketing                 edi Order Manager

                edi Doc Manager                       edi CFS Manager

                edi Warehouse Manager           edi Local Transport Manager

                edi Shipping Manager               edi Client Web Tracker

                edi Services                               edi Adaptor

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soluGist LLC is a GOLD CERITIFED  WiseService Global Partner for CargoWise One. is a world leading highly modular enterprise class system that streamlines the operations, accounts, and management of Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, NVOCC’s, container freight stations, shipping lines and agents, warehouses, cartage and trucking companies.