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In today’s information driven economy, IT strategy has vaulted to the forefront of critical issues faced by top management. Information technology’s potential for value creation or destruction is enormous, and soluGIST LLC understands this. soluGIST LLC's Enterprise  services are the foundation of its philosophy of delivering real business results for its clients through the application of technology. The industrial-strength solutions created by souGIST LLC's seasoned consultants adhere to two guiding principles: They are

Business requirements driven

An effective enterprise strategy requires an understanding of business requirements and processes in addition to expertise in the relevant technologies. Thus the starting point for each project is a thorough understanding of business objectives, a process that is greatly helped and accelerated by soluGIST LLC’s existing industry-specific know-how.

Velocity (Speed with Direction)

As IT becomes an ever more strategic factor for success in every industry, a secure and reliable IT environment becomes that much more critical. Yet, it is also clear from the ever-accelerating pace of change in today’s competitive business world that any enterprise system and processes must be able to adapt quickly to new business and technological realities. soluGIST LLC’s extensive experience allows it to successfully resolve the inherent tension between robustness (security, reliability) and adaptability (openness, scalability, flexibility) of design in arriving at a balanced enterprise system.